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Let Us Protect What Matters Most
Photo of Professionals At Browning Browning & Gilkinson
Let Us Protect What Matters Most
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Guiding Your Family Toward A Better Future

Searching for a lawyer is seldom easy, especially if you are confronting the sudden, drastic prospect of a divorce or separation and a very different family life than what you’ve known. We invite you to discover what has made Browning Browning & Gilkinson one of Atlanta’s prestigious divorce and family law firms and why thousands of clients throughout the area have chosen us to help them face their legal challenges.

Learn about our attorneys:

Decades Of Divorce Experience

We have tried countless divorce cases. There is a benefit to having significant knowledge of Georgia family judges and court personnel and procedures, especially when aspects of a divorce are complicated and require an approach with more finesse and vigor. Having trial experience also means having an edge during settlement negotiations, as we can negotiate to put our clients in a position of strength while always being prepared to go forward with a fight to shield our clients’ rights.

Representing A Diverse Group Of Clients

We have represented clients from all walks of life. Atlanta is a diverse place, and no two clients have the same needs and concerns going into a divorce. Clients like professional athletes and medical professionals may require unique child custody and visitation arrangements; likewise, businesspeople and stay-at-home parents may have specific financial goals. Because our clientele is so varied, we can better fine-tune our approach to meet your needs.

Flexible And Responsive Family Law Representation

We are flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients. In an area of law where some lawyers describe themselves as “nasty” and ready to “take the other side for all they’re worth,” we pride ourselves on our dynamic, take-charge and results-focused approach.

If you and your spouse are in conflict, your case might require a more assertive strategy. Many other divorces may require a more sensitive approach that recognizes that parties will continue to have ties through child custody and financial accountability. We have the experience and insight to ensure that whatever strategy your case requires, we can help make the next chapter of your life better than the last.

Meet With Us In A Confidential Consultation

To schedule a confidential consultation with a family law attorney, email us now. You can also call our Marietta offices directly at 770-615-7235. We serve clients throughout the Atlanta area.