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Establishing Fair Child Support Payments

Along with child custody, issues related to child support are almost always a high priority for anyone with children during the divorce process. Even if you and your partner aren’t married, child support will be a key part of your separation, and regardless of your situation, it is essential that you have qualified legal help to protect both you and your children.

Unlike determinations of child custody, in which a judge evaluates a list of factors that can produce any number of outcomes, child support in Georgia uses standardized child support formulas. In theory, this should make calculating one’s child support obligations simple. The reality, however, can be very different. For example:

  • Accurate child support determinations require accurate accounting by both parties. A fair result is unlikely if your spouse or partner does not disclose assets that could affect child support calculations. By the same token, there may be certain assets that you do not count when calculating what you will pay or receive in child support.
  • Sometimes a negotiated child support amount will be in your best interest. While a court must ultimately determine whether any negotiated amount will meet a child’s needs, directly negotiating child support can give both of you greater control over the process while making sure your children will be well provided for.
  • The calculated or negotiated child support amount can be modified. Whether the paying parent has lost a job or taken a pay cut, or the recipient parent has remarried and has an improved financial outlook, courts may consider requests to modify child support payments. It is especially important to have qualified legal representation if you want to change your child support amount or keep your current payments intact.

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