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Let Us Protect What Matters Most
Photo of Professionals At Browning Browning & Gilkinson
Let Us Protect What Matters Most
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Protect Your Business During Divorce

Effective representation in divorce and family law comes down to the ability to develop a strategy to help a client begin the next stage of his or her life on personal and financial solid ground. This is especially true when a couple has a family business that must be divided in a divorce.

The attorneys of Browning Browning & Gilkinson have successfully helped clients navigate the complications that arise when family and business ties are strained by divorce. Having represented owners of family-owned businesses as well as partners in larger corporations with significant revenues and overhead, we can help ensure that you emerge from your divorce not just personally intact, but also financially stable, regardless of whether you are the wife or husband.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You In Divorce Proceedings

The most important thing a divorce lawyer can do is to take a long-term view of your finances and legal rights. There’s no doubt that divorce can be an intensely emotional time; unfortunately, that can often cause those going through it to approach disputed issues with only short-term gains in mind, rather than looking out for their long-term financial health.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we’ll carefully examine the nature of the business as well as your relationship with your soon-to-be ex, asking:

  • If you and your spouse are amicable, is there a benefit to leaving the family-run business as is?
  • Is it in your best interest to sell a business and divide assets down the middle or for one party to buy out the other and continue operating it?
  • Can the business figure into a larger property settlement?

These and other questions will form the backbone of a strategy to ensure that when the final papers are signed and your divorce is finalized, you aren’t left with financial burdens and an uncertain future.

Discuss Your Options With An Experienced Attorney

Contact our Marietta offices for experienced help with family business and divorce in Georgia. Email us or call 770-615-7235.